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Meet Traci

Take a moment and imagine life without photographs.  How much of our lives and the generations before us would fall into oblivion?  Life would be so unfulfilling and empty without photographs of our treasured memories. Our personal stories would be forgotten.

This is an image of me at the age of 3, at my grandparent’s house, in Southern California.  Without this image, I would have forgotten this wonderful day of playing in the pool and being with my grandparents.   My mischievous look reminds me how much fun it was to blow bubbles in the pool with the snorkel and impress my grandfather with the funny sounds I could create. The expression on my face and my grandmothers, captures the love and connection we had for one another.   As an adult, when I look at this photograph it triggers a sense of joy, happiness, innocence and peacefulness inside me.  It makes me smile as I remember that day and my love for my grandparents.

My grandmother is the one who took the image of me in the pool and inspired my passion for photography.  She was a reporter and photographer for the San Diego Union in the 50’s and 60’s. She radiated pure joy as she shared the stories about people’s lives through her photographs and writings.

Her work influenced me and as a young teen, I would spend hours in the darkroom developing film and images that would tell a story. To this day I consider myself a visual storyteller.

My clients come to me to creatively and artistically document their lives. Through my storytelling, I capture the love and connection of their wedding day and family; the different stages of their child’s life, and the various expressions of their high school senior.  My clients and I share the same objective of creating life long memories and preserving them with the high value of prosperity and quality. 

One of the greatest joys of my profession is genuinely connecting with my clients and photographing their natural essences and their stories. To me, authentic beauty comes from within.

I strive to find the uniqueness in you and allow you to express your true self and be your own brilliance.  This will be accomplished by creating an experience where you feel beautiful and confident. It’s through this experience you can feel and see what an amazing person you are.   This is what matters most about your story.



Traci Kinney, Sacramento Photographer, lives in Elk Grove, CA and specializes in creating beautiful and authentic Senior Portraits, Business Portraits, Family Portraits and Wedding Photography.  She is past president, and a current board member and instructor for Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley.


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