crafted by photobiz


Studio Business Portraits: 

If you are the face of your brand, our Studio Business Portraits are designed to showcase your personality, energy and expressions. The end results are head shots showing your clients you are successful, trusting, and approachable.

Environmental Business Portraits:

If you prefer a natural setting that creates a more casual and relaxed look to your business portraits this session is for you. We will keep the attention on your expression, by minimizing distracting outdoor elements, compressing and blurring out the background. 

Team Business Portraits:

If your team is part of your brand, we will skillfully craft an on location group portrait that represents your company brand. Each individual will be positioned to look his or her best and together create a uniform message.

Add-On: e-Business Card App

How many times have you run out of business cards to give to a potential client? People seem to lose business cards, but not their phones.  Your custom e-business card app appears as an icon on your smart phone and is easy to share via email, texting, and through social media. The electronic business card will have direct links to your website, phone, email, and social media.  It is a convenient and fast way for your clients to reach and promote you! Plus, it's a very cool way to use technology and leave a lasting impression with your clients!