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The Importance of Marketing Headshots

Why a Marketing Portrait and not a Business Portrait:

Research shows that first impressions are formed within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. In fact, the greatest ways others perceive us is non-verbal communication, which includes image and body language. According to a Harvard University study, if the first impression is bad, it takes eight subsequent positive encounters to change that person’s negative opinion of you. 

With today’s social media, first impressions really begin with your online presence. This why you need to view your business head shots as your marketing portraits.  A properly crafted marketing portrait will successfully promote you and your brand.  This is how prospective clients will identify with the authentic you.

Authenticity is key.  As your professional Sacramento photographer, I will guide you in creating an image that highlights your trust building features, your eyes and smile.  We’ll make sure your unique personality is revealed as well. 

Not a fan of being in front of the camera? I hear this all the time.   Don’t worry, getting you comfortable in front of the camera is my job.  By the end of the session, you’ll be relaxed and have images that communicate your style, natural expression, and personality.  You will walk away feeling confidant that your brilliants can be seen.

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